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DPF Cleaning is our speciality

We specialise in exhausts and particularly, DPFs, that’s diesel particulate filters which are fitted as standard to all cars manufactured after 2009, so chances are, your car has got one. While it may not sound like the most important part of your vehicle, the cost to replace a DPF can be thousands of euros. So to help you save your money, we’ve invested in a state of the art DPF cleaning system using the latest technology, namely the KSP DPF 1800. While this might not mean a lot to you, all you need to know is that it’s a highly advanced (and very expensive) piece of kit that helps us to get you the best possible results for your DPF, returning it to you in tip top condition!

Our cleaning process is far more cost effective than replacing the entire DPF so give us a try if your DPF becomes clogged up. Find out more about DPF cleaning here.

Our service is super fast!

We’ve got a very fast turnaround time, so you won’t be without your filter for very long at all. All you need to do is post your DPF to us and within 24 hours of receiving it, we’ll have it back in the post to you!

Need an exhaust repair? No problem

We also offer a wide range of exhaust repair services, including flexi joint replacement, manifold face resurfacing and sheared exhaust stud removal. Basically, if you have any exhaust issues, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

What else do we do?

If you have a new DPF, or you’ve sent your DPF to us to be cleaned, then you’re probably keen to look after it. So we also sell a selection of engine additives that can help to maintain your DPF and prevent it from clogging. We’re happy to advise you on which additive will be best for your vehicle so do get in touch.

We also sell brand new DPFs for all major makes and models. Let us know your requirements and we’ll ensure you get a top quality DPF that is perfect for your vehicle.

Just after some advice or information?

We believe that if we look after you now, you might just remember us when you need our services. Plus we’re a friendly bunch and do like to share our expertise with anyone who will listen! So if you’re looking for info then check out our website. There you’ll find extensive information on diagnosing DPF problems, you’ll get the lowdown on cleaning DPFs and if you’re looking for engine pressure sensor codes, you’ve come to the right place. You can also read up on how to avoid DPF problems, we don’t want you to need our services any sooner than necessary!

If you can’t find quite what you’re looking for, then just give us a call or email us! You’ll find all our contact details on our website.